søndag den 3. december 2017


-a project about rotation and magnetism.

The Magneturn instrument is built on a turntable encircled by a tripod. On the turntable there is a wooden board, with various ceramic objects installed.
Some are placed on computer fans so they can rotate and some are not. Common to all objects is that they are magnetic. The rotating objects contain magnets and the non-rotated have moving magnets. The rotating objects affect the non-rotating objects, which gives sound when the forces move towards the ceramic. In the center of the turntable (wooden board) there is a contact microphone that captures the sound of the non-rotating objects.

The tripod.
On the tripod, there are also different objects that provide sound by magnetic impact. Small pipes, ceramic bowls and a bell. In addition to the various objects, magnets are installed to affect the rotating objects on the turntable. The sound from the stand is caught by contact microphones.
The sound.
Depending on where the various objects are on the turntable, it sounds like different materials being beaten gently in a rhythmic pattern. The pendulum of magnets hanging from the stand over the objects give the rhythmic pattern a random structure. All the sound from the contact microphones is collected in a mixer after which effects are added (delay, reverb, filter) 

Live performing wiht the Magneturn.